1. Victor Pergamenschchik
Continuum theory of a nematic liquid crystal with a nonideal physical surface and the surfacelike elasticity [article][arXiv]
Liquid Cristal 50, 54 (2023)

2. Nan Wang, Julian Evans, Chenxi Li, Victor M. Pergamenshchik, and Sailing He
Colloidal directional structures at a nematic liquid crystal–air interface [article][arXiv]
Liquid Cristal 0, 1 (2023)

3. Victor M. Pergamenshchik, Taras Bryk, Andrij Trokhymchuk
Canonical partition function and distance dependent correlation functions of a quasi-one dimensional system of hard disks [arXiv] [article]
J. Mol. Liq. (2023) 0, 0(2023)

4. Victor M. Pergamenshchik
Incorporation of the intensive and extensive entropy contributions in the disk intersection theory of a hard disk system
Cond. Matter. Phys. (2023), in press

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